Superman had one vulnerability, it was Kryptonite. It caused him to be weak and lose his power.  Superman was afraid of just one thing—kryptonite. This small piece of his home world can put him on his knees, heart pounding, weak, faint. Fears and phobias too are often rooted in childhood experiences and can have debilitating effects on people throughout their lives. One of the main fears for many is having of feeling their emotions. As a child, emotions may have been dangerous.  Seeing parents fighting, getting verbally or physically attached put anyone into a fear and protective mode which may last throughout life unless addressed and understood. Anger, conflict would drive emotions down feelings causing depression or an array of other emotions that can be debilitating.  Understanding what you are afraid of and looking into the face of those fears is really the only way out. Of course, this is not easy. Usually, it takes time, help, courage, empathy and understanding to help you break the cycle of fear. There is an important factor that you need to recognize. Usually, the was not your fault, but became your problem. Often rooted in conflict, trauma, or even abuse can lead you to feel weak, scared, angry, sad and impact your sense of freedom, trust and ability to function fully in the world. Anxiety, panic, phobias often develop from exposure to your personal kryptonite. What (or who) causes you to be weak and lose your power? Trust your instincts, avoid toxic people, circumstances, and seek to look deeper into what is operating inside you to cause these feelings and reactions. Kryptonite is very personal, individualized and will continue to show up in your life until you remove it from your presence. Different forms of addiction are good examples of different forms of kryptonite in your life. If these are areas that weaken you, take away you power. Get yourself an emotional shield or containment from your personal kryptonite with CBT therapy.