Recently, a reprint of the book Why Worry by friend and prolific author, Eric A. Kimmel was recently released. Gayle and I loved this book and read it to our children, then sent it around to friends and because we liked it so much. With major encouragement to Eric from Gayle and me, we pushed Eric to see about getting it back in print. He was successful.This book has an empathetic message to help children with worry and anxiety.  We felt that this book was quite timely to help children understand there are ways to manage their worry, especially during these very stressful times in schools. We highly recommend this book for all parents who have children with anxiety problems, worry or tendencies to be fearful. There is a lot to be learned from Cricket and Grasshopper on having a positive attitude, optimism and trust. In psychotherapy lingo, CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques can be very helpful to children. The message of the book addresses doubt, worry and negativity. Parents can use this children's book as an opportunity to explore and redirect worry in a creative manner. Highlighted at the end of the book are various methods to help with worry. Gayle (mostly) and I put together ideas of re-framing worry with reassurance, re-focusing on a positive adventure, opportunities to role play with your child managing their worry, ideas on  managing conflict, enhancing communication, relaxation strategies, and how to intervene when your child is struggling. In fact, there is even a curriculum developed for teaching to help with expanding the book in creative ways. Just click on the bold links to go to the sites to take a look at what is available to you. 
Why Worry Book Guide Written by Eric A. Kimmel Illustrated by Aiko Ikegmai Guide created by Val Hornburg.
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