Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Sharks........Good advice for all of us!!!

The show the Sharks has a cast  of talented, rich, successful entrepreneurs, who know how to succeed in business and make LOTS of money. The show invites people make a pitch to get funded by one or all of the Sharks to expand their business. The 16 "opportunities" are the graphic is to help you better understand the elements to consider for your own business, company, programs or practice. If you are a manager, get with your team to go over these different qualities and see how you measure up. Take an inventory to determine where you stand on the principles the Sharks use to help them decide to invest or not into  a proposition or pitch. Can you answer these questions adequately? Where do you need to focus to meet your goals? Take time to do an inventory and beef up the items you find weak or lacking. Makes sense to me.

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