Tuesday, October 23, 2018

DiSC Workplace Role Behavior Profile

In an effort to understand how you function in the workplace, there is an excellent assessment instrument to show how you view your role in your career, how you function under stress, what motivates you and how to relate to others with  a different profile. This is a well researched instrument called the DiSC. This graphic show the 4 domains identified by this instrument. It may be worth your time to determine what motivates you, how to improve your leadership skills  and build supportive relationships in the workplace. Each quadrant you see in the different colors below have very specific qualities that determine how you come across and function in your work. Not one style or profile is "better" than another style, each has value and merit. The real question is how do you use this tool to relate to others, become more productive and enhance your value to the organization. If you want to see how your workplace expectations and style impacts your world of work, give me a call and we can set up an assessment to take the next steps to help you build your career. 

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