Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New Year.......A New You

Reality is perception. How do you perceive yourself? What would be some new "upgrades" that would benefit your relationships, work, fun or purpose & meaning in life? I love looking at each new year with optimism and adventure. Since we can only control ourselves, what do you need to take charge of to make your life happier? How are you holding yourself back? All of us have blind spots about our shortcomings, so it may be time to get curious and ask your closest friends or colleagues about how to update your self awareness to be keep in tune and in touch with enhancing your most treasured relationships. Like the poem states, "Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets........" Today is the day to take charge of your life. Living in the moment, being mindful and present is a gift. Embrace the gifts in your life, acknowledge them & then most likely you won't be accumulating more regrets. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Stress Management Talk

Recently, I gave a talk at Halliburton on stress. The entire talk is available to watch on a link to YouTube. If you want to know about life balance, symptoms of stress, long-term or chronic stress issues, this presentation is jam packed.  This overview of problems related to stress along with remedies for your life is covered.  Sit back, relax and de-stress. This presentation is designed to help you address how to change that puts you back in control. 
Just click on this link to watch.
Stress Management Talk

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pleasing People--Upside and Downside

Let's start with the downside of pleasing. What is the cost to you to always please others? Do a bit of self-analysis on the test. Are you....
  • Always putting everyone else's needs before your own?
  • Always saying yes?
  • Only feel important contributing to others?
  • Worry how others will view you?
  • Going out of your way for others & depending on their approval for your self-worth & self-esteem?
  • Fear being disliked?
  • Not being included in the group?
  • Exhausted helping others?
  • Not taking time for yourself?
  • Not happy with your own life?
It may be time for a "Selfie Makeover". What do I mean? Well, the remedy may have to do with taking care of yourself first. Make sure some of the following considerations are on your personal list of wants and needs.
  • Your needs are being met
  • Have good boundaries
  • Say no
  • Speak up for yourself
  • Be assertive
  • Be expressive
  • Feel & act empowered
  • An internal locus of control matters more that approval from others
  • Affirm myself for my accomplishments
  • Proud of yourself
  • Able to value yourself
  • Feeling a sense of purpose & meaning in your life

Confidence means you can "do something", self-esteem means you feel good about what you do. Plan to spend more time building your self-esteem by acknowledging yourself and taking compliments sincerely. Why a Selfie? Because, Self matters!!!!

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