Sunday, October 25, 2015

Growing New Neurons is Possible: Helping Your Brain & Mood

Your brain can do amazing things depending on how you focus your thoughts and attention. The more you engage yourself into a state of calm and confidence, the better you will feel. Imagination is a key component in generating new neurons to reinforce or reward whatever you think about. How is this accomplished? Well, consider that essentially we have circuits in our brain. Wherever we focus our thoughts, or use our imagination, we are building or strengthening those circuits. Now, the crux of the matter.........we develop circuits for fear, pain or worry in the same way we do for joy, fun or happiness. The Hippocampus is the seat of memory. Memories that you hold can reinforce trauma or gratitude.  Emotion wires our learning into our memory circuits. For these reasons, CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is very effective in reshaping our experience. If you focus on anger, hurt or pain, the Hippocampus accesses and brings up that circuit. By breaking the cycles of negative thinking and replacing them with positive thoughts, we are growing neurons.
Therefore, take time to focus on forgiveness, gratitude and finding your deeper purpose, then pursue it. Engagement is necessary in providing you with the emotional reward of accomplishment, fun and love. Practice using your imagination, thoughts and feelings as tools to help rewire your brain, create new memories and improve your mood. This process is call; Neurogenesis. 

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