Thursday, October 18, 2012

Employee Assistance Professionals Conference in Baltimore

Our keynote speaker today for the International Conference was Hershel Walker, the Heisman Trophy winner from the University of Georgia and NFL running back for 12 years. Not only was his presentation funny, interesting, it was provocative regarding his battle with a serious mental disorder and recovery process.

As a Commissioner for the Employee Assistance Professionals Association, I get to see the new and exciting plans for the future of the association. I was privileged to be a co-presenter with Marina London, Web Editor for EAPA conducting a boot camp on the use of Blogs, Twitter and social media in mental health and employee assistance.
Lastly, a photo of Camden Baseball field, home of the Baltimore Orioles. As you can see, the weather is beautiful. 72 degrees and sunny. See you next week.

Link to EAPA Conference.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pre-Conference Training Workshop in Baltimore

Today, Marina London and I conducted an all day workshop on Social Media, Blogging, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and discussions on Facebook to enhance your brand, market, setup accounts and much more. The group was vibrant and the energy was flowing on how to make social media really work for you.
This is a group photo of smiling faces with heads chock full of new ideas, information, strategies and readiness to take steps to incorporate these tools in their employee assistance company, private practice, hospital, treatment center or agency. What a great day. Thanks to all for their participation and contributions. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bullies in the Workplace

In a recent article in CareerBuilder, Debra Auerback reported about a new survey of how: "Bullies Are Overtaking the Workplace." As astounding as it may seem, the study found that 35% of workers said that they have felt bullied at work, up from 27% last year. 17% said that they quit their jobs to escape the situation. 16% suffered health-related problems as a result. THis was a nationwide study of 3,800 workers at all levels within the company. What is to be done?
It takes courage to confront a bully or report the aggressor to human resources, but speaking up is often the only way to stop it. The impact on performance of both the individual and company are at risk if bullying is not addressed and stopped.
Three tips:
  1. Keep a record. Write down all bullying incidents.
  2. Try talking it out. Try talking to the bully and let them know how you felt to raise awareness.
  3. Focus on resolution. Center discussions around how t make the working situation better.
Without intervention or speaking up, you can expect the behavior to continue. Talk to HR, a colleague or supervisor to get guidance and support.

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