Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to Coach Using Skype—A Live Demonstration

Coaching via Skype* is increasing in popularity. Many coaches who have shunned coaching by telephone because of its psychological distance are using Skype as a means of having a more personal relationship while still coaching virtually.
Dr.  Michael Klaybor, an executive coach and professional counselor, will provide an actual demonstration of an online Skype coaching session via the internet. This presentation will demonstrate how to:
  •       Set up a Skype account for yourself and your client
  •       Get your client comfortable with the technology and the coaching process
  •       Adjust basic face-to-face coaching techniques for a Skype session
  •       Apply practical hints for a successful session
You will find this to be a very practical session with ample opportunity for asking questions about any aspect of using this technology in your coaching practice.
* Skype is a very popular webconferencing and audioconferencing product, available in free of charge (less features) and fee–paid (more features) versions for both Windows and Mac.

On August 6th, I will be presenting to the International Coach Federation (ICF) . This presentation demonstrates on the use of social media is the future now. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Codependency—What is it? Am I Codependent?

If you feel unfulfilled in relationships, tend to be indirect, don't assert yourself, feel responsible of rather people's feelings, feel compelled to take care of other's feelings, solve their problems, feel insecure and most comfortable giving to others, then you are probably codependent.  Codependence is about growing up depending on someone who’s depending on something that’s not dependable. This could include anything from abusing alcohol and drugs to compulsive overworking, overeating, and overdoing almost anything. When your identity is totally tied to someone for approval, direction to validate you, this is codependence. 
Take the quiz:
  1. Do you depend on sources outside yourself for meaning, identity and value?
  2. Do you take care of other people’s pain and problems while ignoring your own?
  3. Do you help others at your own expense or the expense of your family?
  4. Do you say yes when you mean no?
  5. Are you easily absorbed by the pain and problems of others?
  6. Do you submerge yourself in fixing or rescuing needy people?
The remedy....
  1. Value yourself
  2. Take responsibility for your own destiny.
  3. Stop doing what doesn't work.
  4. Develop your self-esteem.
  5. Accept others and don't try to change them.
  6. Detach from the problems of others to focus on taking care of yourself.
____ Yes   ___No   

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Psychology of Happiness: Using Positive Psychology to Enhance Your Life

People say that "attitude is everything," and researchers are now discovering that this may actually be true. By studying people who have achieved lasting happiness, psychologists have discovered that life satisfaction is associated with certain attitudes, life skills, essential traits, strengths and virtues like humor, originality, optimism and generosity. Join us in exploring the keys to health and happiness. You may become wiser for it -- and experience a little happiness along the way. 

On behalf of disAbility 101, a non-profit organization, I will be presenting on Happiness at the Abilities Expo held at the Reliant Center in Houston. Currently, I am on the board of directors of disAbility 101. Please be sure to check out the programs and services on the link provided below. Feel free to attend, refer to a friend or donate via the website to support our organization providing programs to person's with disabilities. Learn more at: or directly to the expo website at:

Why Worry? Recently, a reprint of the book  Why Worry  by friend and prolific author, Eric A. Kimmel was recently released. Gayle and ...