Saturday, October 23, 2010


I will be a presenter on an esteemed panel of speakers at the Global HR Conference in Houston on 11/10/2010. An overview is below. The topic is regarding expatriates and issues that arise.
International assignments are expensive, and failed or compromised assignments are especially expensive. Corporations and management are only recently starting to come to grips with some of the actual cost elements and expenses.
Current research, for example clearly demonstrates that of the failed or compromised assignments, 67% are due to family adjustment and family support problems, which are also ranked as the number one challenge expats report.

Neill Carson will discuss tools and programs that foster the success of the assignment by “supporting in” rather than “screening out” expat candidates and the incredible cost-benefit ratio and return on investment for involving and supporting families in this process.
Sara Rozin will address the importance of not only understanding the culture of one’s host country, but also the importance of understanding oneself in the context of culture: cultural self- awareness.

Dr. Klaybor will discuss the importance of pre-departure preparation and planning, the in-country support services currently available, and the positive impact these efforts have on assignment success.

Finally, Ken Burgess and Neill Carson will review the “repat” (coming back home) process. According to current (HR) literature, one-third of those experiencing an expatriate assignment leave their companies as unhappy employees within 12-months of returning home, an extraordinary expense in terms of both money and talent! Burgess and Carson will discuss the repat process, and will highlight a new tool and innovative process aimed at eliminating the preventable attrition and losses from the coming home process.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Upcoming Workshop: Crash Course on Social Media

On December 3rd, 2010, Dr. Mike and Marina London will be conducting a 7 hour training program for mental health and employee assistance professionals at the Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston. The conference is sponsored by the Houston Chapter of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association.

Check out the flyer for details.

Dr. Gayle Klaybor selected to the Association of Social Work Boards

A special group was honored for being selected to be item writers for the National Association of Social Workers licensing exam. This is quite an honor to participate in this process.

Applicants must undergo a competitive screening process that matches demographics, areas of expertise, and aptitude as demonstrated by an assessment instrument with the current needs of the organization. The pool of writers must be well-balanced for diversity in many areas.

What a great honor and recognition for Dr. Gayle.

Monday, October 11, 2010

iRestAssured Program

This is our new program. Take a look and please send it on to anyone you feel might benefit.

Have a seat....let's

Klaybor and Klaybor is proud to announce that we are collaborating with Healthy Connections, a home nursing agency to provide some state of the art mental health treatment. The program is called, iRestAssured. It is a program that utilizes web-based, face-to-face, and telephone consultations to assess and treat some of the problems related to high risk pregnancy.

Stress, life changes and family concerns related to complications such as Preterm Labor, Pregnancy Induced Hypertension and Hyperemesis, can lead to loss of independence, loss of a stable job, loss of income, and changes in family dynamics. All of these can lead to additional stress and emotions making it difficult to cope with the day to day life throughout the pregnancy. We can help. By using Skype, a free, encrypted (safe and secure) program, we can conduct video assessment and treatment. Check out Healthy Connections at: or our blog at:

It is now possible to get help to manage stress, anxiety or depression from your own home on utilizing your computer. We can bring psychotherapy to your home. Call us for more information at 713-621-2490.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Keys to happiness: Altruism and a non-neurotic spouse

Elizabeth Weise reported in an article in USA Today, that researchers, in Germany, Holland and Australia, worked from the German Socieo-Economic Panel Survey, which has been doing every-five-year interviews with Germans since 1984 and currently has over 60,000 people enrolled. Here are some of the core findings of their research.
Want to be happy? A 26-year study of Germans suggests it's not that hard:

  • Marry someone who's not neurotic.
  • Focus more on friends and family, less on material goods.
  • Get involved in making the world a better place.
  • Have a job but also enough time for leisure.
  • Stay physically active.
  • For men, don't be underweight. For women, don't be obese.
Now is the time, meaning today to begin to take steps to ensure your own happiness. Although you may be where you want to be, perhaps you can get starting today.

As the photo symbolizes, happiness is in your hands.

Why Worry? Recently, a reprint of the book  Why Worry  by friend and prolific author, Eric A. Kimmel was recently released. Gayle and ...