Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Website

We have decided to take a leap and modernize our website and features. Our goal was to make it really user friendly, be attractive, and provide the information you need to make a decision about beginning psychotherapy, learning about us or gaining understanding about the process. Let us know what you think. On this new site, you can securely register online and get a customized google map from your location to our office. 


Friday, January 16, 2009

New Year and Happiness

It is time to think about how to bring more happiness into your life. The American Psychological Association has proposed the following happiness formula. 

Purpose + Pleasure + Engagement = Happiness

Take a moment to reflect on how whether you are living a life with purpose that gives you pleasure and creates engagement. If not, it is time to look inside to make some adjustments. Happiness should be a byproduct of a wonderful life, not a goal.

Why Worry? Recently, a reprint of the book  Why Worry  by friend and prolific author, Eric A. Kimmel was recently released. Gayle and ...